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International Shorts II


*_Lancaster CA_* _(Director: *Mike Ott* // Book: Cory Zacharia // feature film // USA 2015 // Engl. OV // 12 Min.)_ A sunny road in rural California. A young man is sitting in a car and talks about love. “Lancaster, CA” is the poetical search for personal identity and the people’s relationship to their environment.

*_The Exquisite Corpus_* _(Director: *Peter Tscherkassy* // experimental film // AT 2015 // without dialogues // 19 Min.)_ A man and a woman, naked, navigate through a magical landscape of islands – a mystical scene, straight from soft porn. In “The Exquisite Corpus” Peter Tscherkassy explores the aesthetical world and the cinematographic material of this lost genre in an associative journey.

*_Black Apples_* _(Director: *Andrew Kötting* // experimental film // GB 2015 // Engl. OV // 10 Min.)_ Director Andrew Kötting (“Swandown,” LICHTER 2014) and author Ian Sinclair seem to stroll on W.G. Sebald’s trail. Personal memories, close observations of the present, and a horse mask merge into a precise and highly personal portrait of a Welsh landscape.

*_Paria_* _(Director: *Omar Elhamy* // feature film // CA 2015 // French original version with Engl. subtitles // 20 Min.)_ A man alights from the sea. We do not learn where he is coming from or what he is doing. For all we know, ashore he is lost, an outcast. A woman takes him in for one evening in her family. It is a story of belonging and community.

*_Stella Maris_* _(Director: *Giacomo Abbruzzese* // feature film // I/F 2014 // Ital. original version with Engl. subtitles // 27 Min.)_ Strange things happen in a small town in southern Italy. A tyrannical mayor whips the citizens, clandestine opposition movements emerge, and archaic rituals decide over freedom and captivity. During a risky swimming contest in a small bay political and personal fates are decided. _*in the presence of Director Giacomo Abbruzzese*_ *_Prix spécial du jury [special jury award], Festival de Contis 2015 / Visioni Italiane 2015_*

1 April 2016

22:00 h, Mal Seh'n Kino

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Direction Various
Year USA/AU/GB/I/F 2014-2015
Language Various
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Editing Various