22.04. ‐ 27.04.2025
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IZK+F Closed Session: Initiative Future Cinema + Film

The Initiative Zukunft Kino + Film (IZK+F) is a federation of independent associations and networks of cinema and film professionals calling for a paradigm shift in German film culture. It sees itself as a platform for exchange, inquiry and debate. Public advocacy for common interests and goals is its intention. Openness, diversity and freedom are the principles of their togetherness. The initiative's approach is one of solidarity.

The Future Cinema + Film Initiative includes:
AG Animationsfilm, AG Kurzfilm, Bundesverband Regie, Crew United, Hauptverband Cinephilie, Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit, Verband der deutschen Filmkritik, Zukunft Deutscher Film.

You could read the mission statement of the "Initiative Zukunft Kino + Film" under the following QR code:

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Duration 180 min
Language Deutsch

Congress Future German Cinema