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Jonathan and Award Ceremony of LICHTER Filmpreise 2016

Piotr Lewandowski

*Award Ceremony: 07:00 pm* *Film Screening: 08:00 pm* There are microcosms, seemingly secluded from the rest of the world with their own rules, their own secrets. Twenty-four-year-old *_Jonathan_* grows up in such a cosmos: his father Burghardt’s farm. Not a word is to be shared about the mother’s untimely death; just as little is allowed to be said about the father’s obscure past. All that does not make it easier for *_Jonathan_* to take care of the dying Burghardt. Solely from Anna the nurse can he derive solace and comfort. But when a friend of the father’s youth suddenly reappears, the past can no longer be repressed so that father and son have to face their history. *Piotr Lewandowski’s* sensitive coming-of-age drama has already received both the *Hessischer Filmpreis* as well as the *Emdener Filmpreis* for *Best Screenplay*. The impressive images originate, among others, in Birkenau-Reisen and Erbach-Haisterbach, Hesse. *Piotr Lewandowski* was born in Warsaw and studied at the *University of Art and Design*, Offenbach am Main, among other places. In cooperation with Carsten Strauch he brought into being the documentary *_Zwischen Erde und Licht_*, the comedy series *_Götter wie wir_*, which is nominated for the *Grimme Preis*, as well as the comedy film *_Die Aufschneider_* starring *Christoph Maria Herbst*.

3 April 2016

19:00 h,

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Direction Piotr Lewandowski
Country Germany
Year D 2015
Duration 102 min
Language German OV
Production Carsten Strauch, Alexandra Kordes, Meike Kordes
Cast Jannis Niewöhner, André Hennicke, Julia Koschitz, Thomas Sarbacher, Barbara Auer, and others
Camera Jeremy Rouse
Script Piotr Lewandowski
Editing Dan Olteanu

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Hessian premiere // Closing film