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Karama Has No Walls

Sara Ishaq

Karama is a short, incisive and drastic film. It stands out from the large number of documentations on the protests in the Arab world because it manages to use a single, clearly-defined event to present the many dimensions of these revolutions. On the 18th of March 2011, the peaceful protests after the Friday prayers in the Yemini capital Sanaa turned into one of the bloodiest confrontations with the regime of Ali Abdullah Salihs. Karama reconstructs these events through an assembly of mobile phone and camera videos, eyewitness accounts and the sometimes cruel images of victims of the brutal oppression – a poignant documentary and a valuable example of the new opportunities created by contemporary witnesses. _Regional Premiere_
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29 March 2012

18:00 h,

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Direction Sara Ishaq
Year YE 2012
Duration 26 min
Language Arabic original with subtitles
Production Sara Ishaq, Hot Spot Films
Camera Ameen Al-Ghaberi, Nasr Al-Namir, Khaled Rajeh
Editing Sara Ishaq, Amir Hamdani

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