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Kim's Video

Ashley Sabin, David Redmon

As the era of streaming services led to the extinction of video libraries, one of the most popular shops for lending films vanished from New York, and with it a gigantic and incredibly versatile collection. Maybe a relief for those who accumulated high late fees; however, a former regular begins the search for the lost film treasure. During the hunt for the spirit of Kim’s Video, the documentary filmmaker starts to hear the voices of old VHS-cassettes, as the fictional film world blurs more and more into the reality around him. The initial thirst for knowledge increasingly turns into an obsession, and from the documentary perspective, a plot is developed whose reality seems stranger than any fiction. Possessing and being possessed - film fanatics know and love both sides.

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Direction Ashley Sabin, David Redmon
Country USA, Italy
Year 2023
Duration 88 min
Language English, Korean & Italian with English subtitles
Production Ashley Sabin, David Redmon, Francesco Galavotti, Dale Smith, Deborah Smith, Rebecca Tabasky
Cast Isabel Gillies, Robert Greene, Eric Hynes
Camera David Remon, Maurizio Tiella
Script Ashley Sabin, David Redmon
Editing Ashley Sabin, David Redmon
Sound Todd Thompson
Music Enrico Tilotta
Sound Design Eric Masunaga

Best Documentary - Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival 2023

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About the director pair

The director pair David Redmon and Ashley Sabin already realised some documentaries together with their production company Carnivalesque Films, which were, among others, already shown at Sundance or the South by Southwest Film Festival. David Redmon also taught as professor of film studies at multiple universities across the United States, among them Harvard.

Press voices

„One does not shake the feeling that there is something fishy, but that is by no means a drawback. It makes the entire story even more entertaining.“ (Sebastian Groß, moviebreak)

„David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s frivolous but amusingly freewheeling documentary, ,Kim’s Video,’ [is] a film premised on the idea that some people struggle to separate movies from real life.“ (David Ehrlich, IndieWire)

“In the documentary Kim’s Video, premiering in Sundance’s NEXT sidebar, director-partners Ashley Sabin and David Redmon (Girl Model) elucidate some, if not all, of the enigmas behind the Kim’s saga, offering up a freewheeling investigation that’s both a cinephile’s homage and an amateur heist flick, stirring up old controversies while creating a new one.” (Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter)

The director about the film

„Initially, I didn’t intend to film or record my efforts to find Kim’s Video in Salemi and rent a movie. But the voices continued speaking to me: ,Pick up the camera and film! Just record!’” 

David Redmon in an interview with Filmmaker Magazine


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