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Knochen und Namen

Knochen und Namen

Fabian Stumm

Knochen und Namen, Fabian Stumm’s queer feature film debut, was celebrated with a standing ovation at the Berlinale. The film, which portrays an artist couple in the process of falling out with each other, is a sensible and humorous reflection on the small and large dissonances in families, friendships, and partnerships. Created entirely without funding, the film celebrates the art of acting: clever, sensual, and wonderfully entertaining.

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Direction Fabian Stumm
Country Germany
Year 2023
Duration 104 min
Language German
Production Fabian Stumm, Nicola Heim
Cast Fabian Stumm, Knut Berger, Marie-Lou Sellem, Susie Meyer, Magnus Mariuson
Camera Michael Bennett
Script Fabian Stumm
Editing Kaspar Panizza
Sound Adel Gamehdar, Béla Brandes

Heiner-Carow-Preis 2023, Berlinale 2023: Section Perspective German Cinema


“We didn’t make it easy for ourselves. And still, our award-winning film is filled with a lightness that might present a counterpoint to the bleakness of current times. Lightness, however, does not mean superficiality. Quite the opposite, for it’s a film that discusses, with philosophical depth, the things of life, what is, and what remains, all wrapped in a comedic garment: depth of thought, but without obfuscation. 

The screenplay, ambiguous in several ways, captivates, on the one hand, with its wordplay and, on the other, by often allowing for transparency of the characters’ emotional states without dialogue and communicated only through small gestures and fine facial expressions, both of which are expressed with tremendously precise timing. Political moments appear between the lines, unarticulated yet unmissable: sexual autonomy and multicultural diversity are set with a naturalness that requires no discussion of heteronormativity. (...)” (Freya Arde, Peter Kahane, and Mirko Wiermann in their jury statement for the Heiner-Carow-Prize).


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