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*THE LAST NIGHT OF BABY GUN* _(D 2013) 15 min_ *DIRECTOR: JAN EILHARDT* Theatre that crosses over to the movies; a gangster tale in Frankfurt; film noire around the Kaiserstraße. Here too: prostitution and red light districts. And in the middle of it all Baby Gun, who frees herself on a decisive night.

*LIGHT MY FIRE* _(D 2013) 8 min_ *DIRECTOR: GUNTER DELLER* About the kindling of love, spraying sparks and fires. About sun and heat, glaring and smoldering. About everything that burns. About Gunter.

*ANKOMMEN* _(D 2012) 30 min_ *DIRECTOR: CHRISTIAN WITTMOSER* The introverted Niklas finds a message on the answering machine from his girlfriend in which she cancels their planned holiday. The more important it is that he befriends a couple on the beach. Dennis and Lilly spend time with him, and her, even a night, but the flirtation turns into a thriller...

*ICH SCHWEIFE AB* _(D 2013) 5 min_ *DIRECTOR: ERIK SCHMITT* A photo-love-story from the factory of pictorial humour: Ralph lives alone in a mansion and is very lonely. All he got is a dog and a butler. His problem? - An obsessive rambling brain. Constantly uncontrollable images invade his thoughts. Then Gabby arrives from Germany and everything is going to be different.

*SEIN KAMPF* _(D 2013) 17 min_ *DIRECTOR: JAKOB ZAPF* Marcel is a staunch neo-Nazi who shows his brother Boris clearly where it's at. "Today, we make the policies," he barks, as a witness of the Third Reich visits his school. So Boris meets - sporting an undercut hairstyle in a "do not moan, enter combat!" t-shirt - the 83-year-old Auschwitz survivor David. And a combat develops...

*KICK IN THE DOOR* _(D 2013) 1:13 min_ *DIRECTOR: BORIS DÖRNING* Whoever was last year’s LICHTER, will know Boris Dörning as the maker of the music video Taste of Future. In 2014, he proves himself, in a clip with a bespectacled woman and naked dog-man, as a rapping director. Here's to the gay kiss within the tough guys genre!

*DIE DIGITALE REFERATSPRÄSENTATION* _(D 2012) 6:31 min_ *DIRECTOR: MARC JOHN* Welcome to the animated Institute for Applied Computer Science in Zwschgenmombach. We are in the department of Josef Baumgartner. He currently does not have any signal and stutters, but he knows about the power of appealing visual effects. _Premiere: Saturday, March 29th, 2014 / 10:15 p.m. / Metropolis 3_

30 March 2014

02:15 h,

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