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L’âge atomique (Atomic Age)

Héléna Klotz

Victor and Rainer are taking a train to Paris for an evening out. They want to celebrate and enjoy their lives and the excesses of the city. What they find is artificial nightclub beauty, drugs, aggression, violence and their own emotional frailty. They go from one disappointment to the next. We accompany them as they walk along the Seine – following their mostly sober-ing discoveries about the city and themselves. Their path leads them from Paris into a forest, where the calm and the moon put their friendship in a different light. L’âge atomique observes youth and relationships in the resonating cavity of the city. Héléna Klotz films her figures lov-ingly, secretly and honestly. We follow her on the search for their identity and their views of the world. _In attendence of the director Héléna Klotz_ _"Visually and aurally, the film casts a spell."_ _David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter_ _Festivals a.o.:_ _-Berlinale: FIPRESCI-Award_ _-BFI London Film Festival_ _-Milano Film Festival_

22 March 2013

21:00 h,

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Direction Héléna Klotz
Country France
Year F 2012
Duration 67 min
Language Frz. OmU
Cast Dominick Wojcik, Eliott Paquet, Niels Schneider, Mathilde Bisson
Camera Hélène Louvart
Script Héléna Klotz

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