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L´Avenir (Alles was kommt)

Mia Hansen-Løve

"I have a fulfilling intellectual life," says Nathalie, "it makes me happy." She works as a philosophy teacher, her husband works at the university. And the children have almost left home. A cuddly happiness in a shallow, old-left environment. This is what the cultured Parisian has to cling onto. Even the bizarre battles with her possessive mother do not stop her. But the summer starts and suddenly her life is falling apart.
The sublime *ISABELLE HUPPERT* portraits Nathalie’s second half of life completely free from self-pity, a life signed by loneliness and aging. And so it quietly enables her to strike a well-tempered coup. The chance to interpret loneliness as radical freedom and to be able to profit from change at any stage in life, one is only too happy to watch.
After the highly esteemed *_"EDEN"_'*, equally an autobiographical view at the Parisian house scene of the 90s, the director *MIA HANSEN-LØVEIN* continues her theme cosmos of loss and change in *_"L'AVENIR"_*. Almost casually, the camera follows her protagonist as she chases her crumbling life.

The highly praised Franco-German co-production, partly post-produced in Hessen and financed by _Hessen Film and Medien_, won the _silberner Bär_for the _best director_ the _BERLINALE_ 2016.

30 March 2017

00:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Mia Hansen-Løve
Year GER/F 2016
Duration 100 min
Language French Original with German Subtitles
Production Charles Gillibert, Sacha Guillaume-Bourbault
Cast Isabelle Huppert, André Marcon, Roman Kolinka, Edith Scob, Sarah Le Picard et al.
Camera Denis Lenoir
Script Mia Hansen-Løve
Editing Marion Monnier

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