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L’état et moi

Max Linz

Judge Praetorius-Camusot falters in her legal routines when an exhibit awakens from 150 years of sleep during the celebrations of Franco-German relations: composer Hans List from the Paris Commune is her spitting image–which triggers a slapstick-like chain of reactions. 

Once a month, the series “Was tut sich – im deutschen Film?” addresses the current happenings in German cinema. In May, director Max Linz presents L’ÉTAT ET MOI, his third feature-length film. The anarchic comedy celebrated its premiere at this year’s Berlinale, and ZEIT ennobled the film as one of the ten best works of the film festival.

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Direction Max Linz
Country Germany
Year 2022
Duration 85 min
Language Original language (German-French), partially with German subtitles
Production eine SCHRAMM FILM Koerner Weber Kaiser Produktion
Co-production WDR
Cast Sophie Rois, Jeremy Mockridge, Bernhard Schütz
Camera Markus Koob
Script Max Linz
Editing Kathrin Krottenthaler
Music Stefan Will, Fabian Reifarth
Sound Design Henry Uhl

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About the director

The Frankfurt-born director is a regular guest at LICHTER. He graduated in Film Studies and Philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III, followed by Film Directing at the DFFB. From 2019 to 2021, Linz was a visiting professor at the UdK Berlin. His thematic focuses included "From Anti-Theatre to Spectacular Film: Stage Spaces between Off-Theatre and Independent Cinema" and "The Theatre as the New Cinema: LiveFilm and/as Stage Design".

Press Reviews

„Max Linz’s witty attacks on the foundations of the educated middle-class with his own methods enter the third round and this time are devoted primarily to jurisprudence. More a variation on the familiar than a fundamental realignment, one watches it with a proletarian permanent grin: Should Max Linz be the Wes Anderson we deserve, and above all, have? Heribert Fassbender would say: A flawless hat-trick!" (Sedat Aslan, artechock film)

„A colourful mixture, formally located somewhere between Berliner Schule, political discourse cinema, and the anarchic film farces of a Christoph Schlingensief.“ (Stefan Bock, Kultura-Extra)

Supporting film

Die Vergänglichkeit des Bernd Hasselhuhn
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If you suspect you’re about to be killed, going to the police is only logical. But things are not that simple for Bernd Hasselhuhn – what he perceives as a deadly threat is what most of the rest of us call “getting old”.

Hessian premiere
(In presence of the director)

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