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Lichter Agora: Grenzen Unlimited // Relay Talk

*Ich // Die Anderen [I // Others] 1:00-3:00pm* Social borders and experiences of demarcation between societal groups: How can we identify borders between status, power and distribution of goods and also between attitudes, convictions, stances and value systems? *Hier // Dort [Here // There] 3:00-4:30pm* Political drawing of borders as focal points: How much border does democracy need and tolerate? Which challenges do transgressions of borders (for example through migration) pose for political systems? Do we have to reimagine democracy and politics in their relation to the border? *Welt // Raum [World // Space] 4:45-6:30pm* Borders of growth, of progress and of people: Which borders are set for people by nature? Where do we reach the limits of possibility? How are climate changes and migration related? Which role do political boundaries play for the ecological preservation of our planet? *Virtual // Reality 6:30-8:00pm* The internet and its role in normative orders: Where do the borders between public and private sphere lie in the net? How can we guarantee autonomy and data privacy? How can rule of law be established on the internet? *With: Vivian Zoé Grudde, Marcus Jurk, Ben Kamis, Matthias Kettemann, Verena Kuni, Sebastian Läßle, Max Pichl, Valentin Rauer, Vanessa Rüegger, Thorsten Thiel and other scientists* *Host*: *Yumin Li*, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin *Katja Kynast*, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

1 April 2016

13:00 h, Festivalzentrum

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Year 2016
Language German