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On Festival-Thursday, everything at LICHTER revolves around Virtual- and Augmented Reality. In a series of lectures, VR-experts from ZDF Digital and metricmindsintroduce the newest trends in the development of VR content. Christian Steiner also ventures into visions of a future dominated by Augmented Reality. Vanessa Kincaid of our partner Littlestar, however, is already at the front lines when it comes to production and distribution of immersive films and gives insights into the success story of the young Start-Up company.

It gets tangible and hands-on in an exhibition of regional producers as well as students from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, who introduce their VR-products and offer them up for tests.

There is also a bumper car ride gone wild in the Naxoshalle, with which LICHTER combines traditional funfair amusement and Augmented Reality technology in perplexing ways  be surprised!

11 a.m. //
Waldemar Filbert & Niklas Welter (metricminds) // VR: The challenging journey to virtual Experiences

“VR Experiences” that live somewhere between 360° film and classic videogames make up a big part of today’s VR content. Based on their own projects, metricminds gives insights into these and the obstacles in the development of virtual experiences, as well as a preview to the VR trends 2018.

12 noon // 

Renée Abe (Head of Sound, ZDF Digital) // 3D Audio in immersive Environments

ZDF Digital uses the example of an ongoing production to talk about the experiences on set and gives an overview of current technologies in the field of 3D Audio in the immersive setting. With this comes an insight into technical equipment such as the Sennheiser Ambeo VR microphone as well as into audio workflows and Software and the conception and technical requirements of immersive audio projects. For professionals, this is followed by the opportunity to test Spatial Audio applications in direct exchange.

2 p.m. // 

Christian Steiner (senselab.io) // The Extraordinary Augmented World of Tomorrow

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung: The techgiants invest billions of US-Dollars into Augmented Reality. But why? How much potential is in these technologies? What is possible with current smartphones and which digital wonders are awaiting us in the future? Christian Steiner (Co-founder senselab.io, Head of Podcast at VRODO.de) takes us on a journey through the past, present and future of Augmented Reality.

3 p.m. //
Vanessa Kincaid (Littlstar) // A 360 Degree View of Immersive Distribution

In the media business, companies, producers and consumers are exposed to rapid
Revolutions. Virtual- and Augmented Reality are revolutionising the methods of production for digital content, but also the familiar modes of reception. Vanessa Kincaid, founding member and chief brand officer at Littlestar, allows an insight into the development and conceptions of business models and ways of distribution in an untapped market of immersive media. She sketches the chances and challenges of a young Start-Up, the development of copyright-systems and deep learning’-applications, but also practical methods of VR-storytelling.

Littlestar VR is now a globally acting platform with more than 3000 VR Experiences of well-known producers like Disney, Sony, ABC, NBC, Fox, Universal, Showtime, A+E Networks, Syfy, Sony, Discovery VR or National Geographic, with an coverage of more than 70 million devices in 170 countries of the world.

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Year 2018
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