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Anna Pellegrino, Henrike Laser

*_THEATER PERFORMANCE FOLLOWED BY A DISCUSSION_* In the near future: John and Louise are married. Louise, who feels responsible for the death of their children, suffers from depression. Instead of meeting her psychologist, she creates realistic copies of her children to spend time with them and relieve her pain. John is sceptical about the virtual world and does not like the idea of digital human copies. He tries to dissuade her. An argument develops between the two, during which Louise must decide in which of the two realities she wants to live. How will we live in the future? *_LONELY GIRL_* is a short play that explores a possible near future where we can be online anytime, anywhere. It is part of a master degree project by *ANNA PELLEGRINO* and *HENRIKE LASER* at the Hochschule Darmstadt. h2. TALK ABOUT THE PLAY Afterwards, a discussion about the central theme will take place, in which the audience is invited to examine the play and its subject in more detail. "*All VR at one sight >>*":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/de/programm/programmuebersicht-2017.html?inp_date=&inp_reihe=16&inp_place= "Facebook>>":https://www.facebook.com/ZDFDigitalVRLab/

31 March 2017

15:30 h,

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Direction Anna Pellegrino, Henrike Laser
Cast Theresa Fassbender, Günther Wenigerkind, Christina Kühnreich
Script Anna Pellegrino, Henrike Laser

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VR Storytelling