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Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger

A radioactively contaminated barrel washed up on the beach is the last hint: The garbage mafia has sunk a freighter full of nuclear waste off the coast of Normandy - and well hidden among the countless wrecks of the Second World War. A group of young activists tries to prevent the impending environmental disaster. They need the coordinates of the ship and money. Lots of money. The kidnapping of one of the men behind the crime seems to be the perfect solution. But no sooner is the man in the power of the young environmentalists they descend into a downward spiral of violence going beyond the limits of any morality. Everyone should ask himself or herself: Does the end really justify any means? The exciting eco-thriller is a joint production of the Frankfurt director Otmar Hitzelberger and Tom Dokoupil from Cologne. The film was made over a period of more than four years without any additional funding. *IN THE PRESENCE OF DIRECTORS TOM DOKOUPIL AND OTMAR HITZELBERGER.* "*Buy Ticket now*":http://www.reservix.de/off/login_check.php?setcookie=1&callOnSale=https://www.adticket.de/shop-verkauft.php&einsprungurl=http://www.adticket.de/off/close.php&id=7c421e5247cdb753e53e3d085cae1e7467371534ce72b964&eventID=639069&eventGrpID=148297&vID=12487

18 March 2015

18:00 h,

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Direction Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger
Year D 2014
Duration 102 min
Language Original version with subtitles
Production Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger
Cast Prashant Jaiswal, Benjamin Heinrich, Antje Koch, Michael Jassin, Simon Newby, Jesse Inman, Mathieu Carriere
Camera Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger
Script Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger
Editing Tom Dokoupil, Otmar Hitzelberger

World Premiere