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Cate Shortland

Lore, the daughter of high-rank Nazis, is facing tough challenges as her parents are taken prisoners by the Allies: Now she is not only responsible for her four younger siblings with whom she must cross Germany to reach her grandmother, but above all she has to deal with the Nazi ideology that she now perceives in a completely different light. That it is precisely the Jewish Thomas who offers her his support arouses conflicting emotions in her. Based on the book "The Dark Room" (R. Seiffert) the film approaches the topic in an unusual way, namely from the perspective of the perpetrator. Amongst others, the film was awarded the Hessian Film Award in 2012.

23 March 2013

18:00 h,

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Direction Cate Shortland
Country 3
Year D/GB/AUS 2012
Duration 109 min
Language deutsche OV
Production Karsten Stöter u.a.
Cast Saskia Rosendahl, Kai Malina, Ursina Ladi, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Sven Pippig, Eva-Maria Hagen
Camera Adam Arkapaw
Script Cate Shortland, Robin Mukherjee

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