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Lost Coast

M.A. Littler

_*The film music will be played live by Squadra Omega.*_ Endless highways, relaxed cruising and breathtaking landscapes: M.A. Littler's new film tells of a journey along the most remote coastal region of California, the _Lost Coast_. In quiet black-and-white photographs, the camera roams the distance, slow and full of respect for everything that presents itself to her. The experimental documentary is a personal search for joy, freedom and happiness, a meditative film that leaves you plenty room for free associations with its mysterious poetry: Where does the power of nature's beauty carry us? And what is the relationship of man to his environment? Lost Coast is a plea for a just value system in troubled times, which would counteract the acceleration of life. A small, delicate film (almost) without words. The Frankfurt filmmaker M.A. Littler stands for independent filmmaking like no other in the region. In fifteen years, Littler has produced nine feature films, five short films and eleven music videos and realized them largely without using conventional funding sources. Crowdfunding, effective self-marketing and the high quality of his films have helped him to be known in many parts of the world. _*Director M.A. Littler will be present.*_

*Tickets via* "Deutsches Filmmusem":http://deutsches-filminstitut.de/filmmuseum/kinoprogramm/preisereservierung/

_Rerun: Sunday March 30th, 2014 / 4 p.m. / Metropolis 3_

28 March 2014

10:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction M.A. Littler
Country USA
Year USA 2014
Duration 82 min
Language Engl.
Camera Philip Koepsell
Script M.A. Littler

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World Premiere