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Julius Schultheiß

Bam! Every festival is waiting for a film like this one. It has been financed with the kind assistance of the director’s building loan contract and through a crowdfunding initiative. Its screenplay presents such brisk characters that one would like to watch them for hours as they are muddling, drinking, and talking through the day using a kind of film language that lets one forget the usual talk about unwieldy and boring German film. The Marburg director and graduate of the Kunsthochschule Kassel *Julius Schultheiß’s* new film *_Lotte_* is all that. In it, nurse Lotte aimlessly drifts about Berlin, sometimes sleeps over at a friend’s house, sometimes at a casual acquaintance’s. She mixes tasty beer-schnapps cocktails and patches up unfortunately tumbled drunkards in the bar at the corner. Her hedonistic life plan is put to the test, however, when daughter Greta turns up at her doorstep whom she believed to have left behind at her provincial home years ago together with additional emotional baggage. With Lotte, *Karin Hanczewski* plays a figure which usually is reserved for male conspecifics: an aimless, restless, and slightly boozy spirit. However, she gets a whole new set of facets out of the female version. Both as a stubborn loner as well as an “expecting” mother, who first of all teaches her daughter how to drink, smoke, and party. *Julius Schultheiß’s* *_Lotte_* has been showing at this year’s *Berlinale* in the section *Perspektive Deutsches Kino*. He was only able to shoot the film because he was earning his rent with odd jobs in the film business. Leading actress *Karin Hanczewski*, who can also be seen in "*_Im Sommer wohnt er unten_*":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/en/program/program-overview-2016.html?film_id=585 _(Summer Downstairs)_ at this year’s LICHTER, waived her fee and worked for provision, meaning profit sharing. Review on "tagesspiegel.de":http://www.tagesspiegel.de/kultur/lotte-auf-der-berlinale-alles-schweine-auch-die-mutti/12961960.html *In the presence of director Julius Schultheiß and the main actress Karin Hanczewski*

1 April 2016

20:00 h,

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Direction Julius Schultheiß
Year D 2016
Duration 76 min
Language German OV
Production Julius Schultheiß
Cast Karin Hanczewski, Zita Aretz, Paul Matzke, Christine Knispel, Marc Ben Puch u.a.
Camera Martin Neumeyer
Script Julius Schultheiß
Editing Ann Kappelmann

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Hessian Premiere