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Louisiana - The Other Side

Roberto Minervini

Deep in the wasteland of the American South, in the state of Louisiana, director *Roberto Minervini* opens up a door for us that leads into the abyss of today's America: To white trash, the lost white underclass of American society. For them, the American Dream will remain a fantasy. Shaped by a life between anarchy and illegality, most of these hopeless middle-aged men and women do not have much left except for drugs, alcohol and at worst suicide. They live their everyday racism and anti-regime fanaticism without inhibitions. They feel betrayed by American society. Their alienation and disappointment becomes obvious in their campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again” *_The Other Side_* provides disturbingly deep and blunt insights into the everyday life of a society that has given up on itself. After the successful *world premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2015* in the category *“Un Certain Regard,”* the film is now shown in Hesse for the first time.

_“A soul-draining, feature-length look at the bastard stepchildren of the American Dream“_ (Variety) _“A poetic but hermetic journey into a debauched and dangerous Deep South“_ (The Hollywood Reporter) Critique on "critic.de":http://www.critic.de/film/the-other-side-8182/

1 April 2016

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Roberto Minervini
Year FR/IT 2015
Duration 92 min
Language Engl. OV
Production Muriel Meynard, Paolo Benzi, Dario Zonta
Cast Mark Kelly, Lisa Allen, James Lee Miller
Camera Diego Romero Suarez-Llanos
Editing Marie-Hélène Dozo

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Hessian Premiere