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Rosa von Praunheim

„and towards the end was never a happy pleasure to me. Boys, I did love. “ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How gay was Goethe? And how about his contemporaries?

Inspired by Robert Tobin’s Warm Brothers – Queer Theory and the Age of Goethe, cult director Rosa von Praunheim investigates these and other questions.

Queer-read productions and correspondence, poetry and dramatic texts enacted at their place of origin, are commented and theoretically documented through interviews with literary scholars and historians. Do the poets’ sexualities even play a role in the reception of their texts? The actors and actresses also get a chance to speak. This makes for a colourful, diverse film that pushes past genre boundaries and comically highlights the homoeroticism and heterosexuality in the Weimar Classicism.

Everything’s pinker than imagined!

Like the Frankfurt-born Goethe, Rosa von Praunheim spent big parts of his youth in the metropole.

Costume: Elke Hepach,

Make-Up: Alem Kolbus

Production Design: Marc-Oliver Lau

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Direction Rosa von Praunheim
Year D 2018
Duration 85 min
Language German
Production Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduktion, Lukes Collin
Cast Rosa von Praunheim, Matthias Luckey, Petra Hartung, Wolfgang Mirlach, Runa Pernoda, Sarina Radomski, Tino Ranacher, Valentin Schmehl, Tobias Schormann, Alexander Berenheuser
Script Rosa von Praunheim

Presented by:

International premiere

Regional Feature Film Program