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Mars One (Marte Um)

Gabriel Martins

A family drama through and through! We are in Brazil right after the election of Bolsonaros, and the mood in the country is tense. The film catapults us head-first into the political as well as the very personal chaos of the Martins family. The road ahead is a tumultuous one, and each person has to find ways to deal with it, either alone or as a family.All we have to say is: Alcoholics Anonymous, great love, money shortage, dreamed soccer careers, disastrous pranks, first own apartment, rage-inducing card games, insomnia, stargazing, cat-sitting, and trips to Mars!

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Direction Gabriel Martins
Country Brazil
Year 2022
Duration 115 min
Language Portuguese with English subtitles
Production Thiago Macêdo Correia, Gabriel Martins, Maurílio Martins, André Novais Oliveira
Cast Cícero Lucas, Carlos Francisco, Rejane Faria, Camilla Damião
Camera Leonardo Feliciano
Script Gabriel Martins
Editing Gabriel Martins, Thiago Ricarte
Sound Marcus Lopez, Tiago Bello
Music Daniel Simitan
Website https://www.magpicturesinternational.com/mars-one

About the Director

“Gabriel Martins, known in the cinema as Gabito, was born in the city of Contagem, in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He studied Cinema, Video and Photography at Centro Universitário UNA. He debuted as editor and cinematographer of the short film Fantasmas (2010), directed by André Novais Oliveira.

His career as a director began with the short film Meu Amigo Mineiro (2012). He achieved fame in the national cinematographic scene by leading one of the segments of the episodic feature O Nó do Diabo (2018) and being one of the directors of No Coração do Mundo (2019). He is one of the partners of the production company Filmes de Plastic.” (TMDB)

The Press Says

Mars One is marked by the juxtapositions that make up daily life: big political moments and small personal wins; loud triumphs and quiet failures; momentous days and devastating ones. The film explores what possibilities lie within these contrasts; it is a beautiful exercise in hope and optimism.” (Lovia Gyarkye, The Hollywood Reporter)

“Gabriel Martins’ elegantly personal portrait is both grand and delicate in scope, weaving four human stories into a tender family drama.” (Jude Dry, Indiewire)

The Director About the Film

“I was trying to understand that the country was starting to become something new and this idea came about of following a family of four for a few months when each one of them were having specific changes in their lives and then try to see how a family would respond to those changes.” (Gabriel Martins in an interview with The Movable Feast)

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