16.04. ‐ 21.04.2024

Max und die Wilde 7 ‒ Die Geister-Oma

Winfried Oelsner

This year’s LICHTER Film Festival has the motto Future. And of course who can’t be missed? The future of cinema! Our very young guests! We are pleased to invite you to the world premiere of the second adventure of Max und die Wilde 7. Uschi Glas and the rest of the cast provide 94 minutes of humour and excitement, mixed with a good pinch of horror. And the best thing: as befits a real premiere, the cast will be there - red carpet and all.

Max’s mother receives a new job as a nurse, which means moving to the Geroldseck retirement home: a real castle with towers, an armoury and dusty knight’s armors. In the old actress Vera, the former football coach Horst and the famous professor Kilian, Max finds a colourful group of friends who share his passion for intricate puzzles and tricky cases. Everything could be well … but scary things soon start happening at the castle. And then there’s the football match during which Max would really like to have revenge on his nasty classmate Ole. For Max and his friends, it’s time to show great courage and real team spirit.

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Direction Winfried Oelsner
Country Germany
Year 2024
Duration 94 min
Language German
Production Tonio Kellner, Andrea Simml, Jakob Zapf
Cast Uschi Glas, Thomas Thieme, Günther Maria Halmer, Lucas Herzog
Camera Armin Karahasanovic, Finn Sommer
Script Lisa-Marie Dickreiter, Winfried Oelsner
Editing Sanjeev Hathiramani
Sound Dirk Krecker, Leon Felker

About the Director

Winfried Oelsner studierte Film- und Fernsehwissenschaften in Köln und Bochum sowie Regie für Dokumentar- und Spielfilm in Ludwigsburg. Bevor Oelsner sich dem Kinderfilm zuwendete, erhielt er 2015 für die Doku Reihe Akte D zusammen mit anderen Beteiligten den Grimme-Preis in der Kategorie “Information und Kultur”. Gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Lisa-Marie Dickreiter veröffentlichte er die dreiteilige Kinderbuchreihe Max und die Wilde 7.

recommended for age 6 or older 

Regional Feature Film Program