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Meeres Stille

Juliane Fezer

Family vacation in an isolated house by the sea. Helen, Johannes and their daughter Frances. Something is amiss. Slight confusions, subtle shifts in reality. Indistinct pain, sounds, picture fragments haunt Helen, while the house unfolds a disquieting story around a little boy, who tries to save his sorrowing father with piano music. Something goes wrong. Everything‘s connected. A stranger appears. Seems oddly familiar. Helen gets confronted with a repressed trauma. She delves deep into her mind in search of an answer. But what does it take? Two families are faced with a disturbing reality and threaten to fall apart. Nothing really disappears. Nothing is ever really forgotten. Freely based on the same-named novel by Stefan Beuse, MEERES STILLE (SILENT SEA) is a profound, touching psychological drama about loss, guilt and the search for identity. A still, intensive and offbeat movie with a thought-provoking, remaining reverb. Stylistically convincing, and with a precise eye upcoming director Juliane Fezer observes in her feature film debut the fragility of being and how the past never leaves us. In an atmosphere of slight mystery develops an inherent suspense, which unfolds with a mosaic-like structure, an unconventional sound concept and a subtle editing of different layers into a slow-burning, gripping suction, heading towards a last twist uncovering an unexpected end. The highly esteemed Danish actress Charlotte Munck (known e.g. from „Anna Pihl“, „Headhunter“) impresses as the lead in her first German feature film. “With SILENT SEA Juliane Fezer succeeded in creating a remarkable debut film with an intense cinematic language featuring precisely drawn characters. A silent, powerful movie, also due to the expressivity of the leading actress Charlotte Munck. SILENT SEA by Juliane Fezer is successful mental cinema. The quality of this debut film gives a reason to expect further exciting works of this writer and director.” (Quote from the German Board of Recommendation (FBW) Seal of recommendation: „recommended”) „…The film has in itself a great, own soul and triggers strong emotions among the audience by the extraordinary actors…” („Best movie“ Filmfestival Kitzbuehel 2014, Excerpt of the Jury’s statement) SILENT SEA is funded by Hessen Film Fund and coproduced by the German TV stations: Hessischer Rundfunk (commissioning editor: Jörg Himstedt) ARTE, NDR, MDR and ARD Degeto. Nico Holonics, acclaimed member of the Schauspiel Frankfurt plays a minor supporting role in SILENT SEA.

21 March 2015

20:00 h,

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Direction Juliane Fezer
Country Germany
Year D 2013
Duration 142 min
Language OmeU
Production Alexandra Krampe (JULEX FILM)
Cast Charlotte Munck, Christoph Gawenda, Christoph Grunert, Nadja Bobyleva, Alexander Beyer, Nico Holonics u.a.
Camera Klaus Harnisch, Roman Sebastian Janke
Script Juliane Fezer
Editing Julia Wiedwald