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Mein Name und ich

Birgit Lehmann, Ole Weissenberger

Everyone has a name. It follows us like a shadow. From birth onwards. But is it also the right one? Does it influence us, does it even shape our character? Whether names are just hollow words, this is what the two Frankfurt filmmakers Birgit Lehmann and Ole Weissenberger are investigating. They meet fire fighters, spies and comedians, title dealer and product name inventors, Herr Rindfleisch and Frau Sorgenfrei [Mr. Beef and Ms. Carefree]. In the process interview sequences alternate with game scenes, animations with musical interludes. The aesthetics of the film, which celebrated its premiere at the Hof International Filmfestival in 2013, reflects the multifariousness of the topic. It looks at its protagonists with serious humour and humorous seriousness. _*The directors Birgit Lehmann and Ole Weissenberger will be present.*_

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28 March 2014

08:00 h,

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Direction Birgit Lehmann, Ole Weissenberger
Country Germany
Year D 2013
Duration 90 min
Language German OV
Script Birgit Lehmann, Ole Weissenberger

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Regional Premiere