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Meine Brüder und Schwestern im Norden [My brothers and sisters up north]

Sung-Hyung Cho

North Korea. Land of military mass parades, leader cult, nuclear tests, public enemy No. 1 - Right? As a native of South Korea, the Frankfurt filmmaker and LICHTER award recipient *Sung-Hyung Cho* grew up with the idea of the neighboring country in the north being populated by monsters. As the first South Korean filmmaker ever, she obtained a permission to film in the country on the other side of the border and thus earned the chance to say goodbye to prejudice and to revise the ready-made image of the human robots of the North. *_Meine Brüder und Schwestern im Norden_* portrays the people behind the persistent clichés and stereotypes and gives an insight into life barred from us behind a facade of propaganda. The people with whom *Sung-Hyung Cho* meets on her journey across the country – soldiers, farmers, painters, seamstresses – are no acquaintances by chance but have been pre-selected by the regime. Nevertheless, she approaches her protagonists with sincere interest, respect and, above all else, without any judgement. This way, a cheerful people emerges, whose love for “their leader” appears strange more than once, and who by no means has given up on their desire and hope for a reunification of the two Koreas. As an unusual Heimatfilm, this documentary, supported by the *Hessische Filmförderung* _[Hessian film funding]_ and editorially supervised by the *Hessischer Rundfunk* _[Hessian Broadcasting]_, almost casually leads from regional filmmaking over to this year’s core topic “frontiers.”

2 April 2016

15:00 h,

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Direction Sung-Hyung Cho
Year D 2016
Duration 106 min
Language OV with German subtitles
Production Andreas Banz, Dirk Engelhardt, Robert Thalheim, Matthias Miegel
Camera THomas Schneider, Julia Daschner
Script Sung-Hyung Cho

Editing Fabian Oberhem

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