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Meine Tochter Anne Frank [My daughter Anne Frank]

Raymond Ley

Her diary is world-famous. As a symbol she is untouchable. So, how to approach a story everyone knows? Exactly this way: Detached from the tragic end and the superiority of her memory, Raymond Ley avoids the pitfalls of pathos by completely relying on Anne’s texts. This production by the Hessischer Rundfunk reconstructs the life in a hideout as described in Anne’s diary but also her relationship to her father, who gets to know his buoyant, sometimes precocious daughter anew through her sharp-tongued observations.

Without didactical awkwardness, Ley supplements his dense production with interviews with the last living contemporary witnesses. Visually stunning recordings of archive footage projected onto the walls of the hideout open one’s eyes for the world beyond the Amsterdam rear house. With a strong leading actress, Meine Tochter Anne Frank depicts the life story of the Jewish girl from Frankfurt in an authentic, refreshingly unsentimental way.

Director: , Screenplay: Hannah Ley, Raymond Ley, Production: Walid Nakschbandi, Camera: Philipp Kirsamer, Editor: , With: Mala Emde, Götz Schubert, Lion Wascyzk, Bettina Scheuritzel, Rosalie Ernst, Axel Milberg and others. Zusatz für die Homepage: For her outstanding acting performance, the at the time 18-year-old Mala Emde from Frankfurt has been awarded the Nachwuchsförderpreis des Bayrischen Fernsehpreises [Young talents’advancement award of the Bavarian Television Award]. Alongside Otto Frank (in scenes of archive material) and better-known contemporary witnesses like Anne’s school friend Hanneli Pick-Goslar, other companions, whose names are known from the diary but who have not or hardly been interviewed so far, also get a chance to speak. For instance, in Israel Raymond Ley encounters Avraham Rinat and Sol Kimmel, who also went to school with Anne. Anne’s by then last living relative, her cousin Buddy Elias, who passed away in Switzerland in 2015 at the age of 89 only four weeks after the premiere of the film, is also present. “The film lives on the cast and excellent performance of two leading roles: the 18-year-old Mala Emde as Anne, who in a masterly performance impersonates her character as vulnerable, in love with life, and loving. Almost even more impressive is Götz Schubert as Otto Frank, the father and sole survivor of the family.”(Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 18, 2015) “Rarely, one of the darkest chapters in human history has been told in such a skillful, unemotional and sometimes even light way as in Meine Tochter Anne Frank. [...] The

3 April 2016

16:00 h, CineStar Metropolis

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Direction Raymond Ley
Year D 2015
Duration 90 min
Language German OV
Production Walid Nakschbandi
Cast Mala Emde, Götz Schubert, Lion Wascyzk, Bettina Scheuritzel, Rosalie Ernst, Axel Milberg u.a.
Camera Philipp Kirsamer
Script Hannah Lay, Raymond Ley,
Editing Heike Parplies