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Lim Dae-hyung

*MUSIC*: Ha Hyeon-jin The sympathetic, somewhat quirky Mr. Mo has only a few more months to live: stomach cancer. Although he hides the diagnosis from everyone, he sees in it a reason to get closer again to his son Stephen, an aspiring filmmaker. He and his girlfriend Yewon are supposed to shoot a short film about him, in which Mr. Mo fulfills his lifelong dream in the main character as a Chaplin impersonator. Together, the trio sets forth to shoot "Merry Christmas" in a true guerrilla-film style. However, the more Stephen learns about his father and his relationship with his mother, the more complicated the project becomes, the diagnosis also being a chance for Mr. Mo to come to terms with his past. *GI JU-BONG* has appeared as a character actor in films such as *_RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN_* but is as Mr. Mo a true revelation now. Marvelously filmed in black and white and endowed with sympathetic humor, ranging from Chaplin's slapstick to Jarmusch's early understatement, the first-rate work enchants all the critics. A real insider tip!

1 April 2017

20:00 h,

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Direction Lim Dae-hyung
Year KOR 2016
Duration 101 min
Camera Moon Myung-hwan
Script Lim Dae-hyung
Editing Park Se-young