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Midnight Family

Luke Lorentzen

What does a city look like that has only 45 licensed abulances for nine million inhabitants? An entire network of thousands of self-proclaimed paramedics that mostly follow one goal in a city of corrupt police and rivaling businesses: reach accident scenes in wealthy districts first and take the injured to far-off private hospitals and receive high insurance payouts. 

Midnight Family follows such an operation through it’s nightly battles in Mexico City: the family Ochoa,themselves driven by the need to secure their own survival. The documentary imparts the powerlessness of the Mexican city through its intricately choreographed action sequences and is defined by its absurdities. Street races among the ambulances are only one consequence of the shocking state of the system – whoever is there to help first gets payed.

25 April 2020

20:00 h,

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Direction Luke Lorentzen
Year MEX/ USA 2019
Duration 81 min
Language OmeU
Production Luke Lorentzen, Kellen Quinn, Elena Fortes, Daniela Alatorre; production company: Hedgehog Films, Inc.
Camera Luke Lorentzen
Editing Luke Lorentzen
Music Los Shajatos

Academy Award shortlist for Best Documentary U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography Sundance FF [Trigger warning: blood]