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My Brooklyn

Kelly Anderson

What shapes a neighborhood and which influences mold it? Kelly Anderson examines the gentrification of Brooklyn and observes how cultural diversity is forced into luxury high-rises. Fulton Mall, the third most successful shopping mall of New York, is marked by the social and cultural history of the area. Now, it is about to be regenerated with the result that small businesses are driven out by large retail chains. While some view the transformation as invigorating, others fear the loss of the unique diversity that Brooklyn once represented for them. Anderson speaks with the appropriate policymakers and urban planners in order to question the network of decision making. Who determines ultimately how cities are designed and who can live in them and how? And which role do the residents play in this process? *Teilnehmer des LICHTER Publikumspreises 2013* "The personal and political don't always align as well as they're meant to, but enough of the labor-of-love aspects shine through in a positive way to grant the film a genuine emotional core." (Michael Nordine, villagevoice.com) _In presence of the director Kelly Anderson._ _Festivals a..:_ _-Red Hook Filmfest: best documentary + best director_ *Supporting film: Torre David* (Direction: Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz), CH 2013, 12 Min.

23 March 2013

20:30 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Kelly Anderson
Country USA
Year USA 2012
Duration 85 min
Language Engl. OmU
Production Kelly Anderson, Allison Lirish Dean

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German Premiere