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Nathan Farb and the Cold War

Nathaniel Knop

The well-known New Yorker photographer Nathan Farb portrayed many young people and families with his camera during his visit to Novosibirsk in 1977. The terrific documentary shows how life has treated some of them. Together with Farb, director Nathaniel Knop developed a daring plan: to visit them once more. Once again, Farb travels to Siberia, this time with Kinobrigada-hero Nathaniel Knop from Frankfurt and cameraman Peter Rippl, film picture cameras in tow.

The film wonderfully illuminates Farb‘s photographs and combines the medium of photography and film. Its supported by the jazzy-melancholic soundtrack from the Frankfurt jazz-musician Andrey Shabashev.

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Direction Nathaniel Knop
Country Germany
Year 2024
Duration 112 min
Language German, English, and Russian with German subtitles
Production Sonia Knop, Kinobrigada
Cast Nathan Farb
Camera Peter Rippl, Nathaniel Knop
Music Andrey Shabashev

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About the Director 

Nathaniel Knob, year 1968, was born in the Ukraine as child to a Jewish-Chinese family in Chernivtsi. As Nipkow-scholar, he came to Germany and founded his film production KINOBRIGADA in 1999, which is in Frankfurt nowadays. In 2019, he won the audience award at Lichter Filmfest with „Watsons Hotel“; last year, the Kinobrigada-Co-production „Das Kino sind wir“ from Livia Theuer won a Hessian film award.

The Director About the Film  

“I try to gently lead the viewer into fascinating dealings of the life of an artist. While the focus shifts between the external motifs and the photographer himself, the layers of the being of Nathan Farb are gradually peeled away and the profound impact of his interactions with people and nature are revealed. Influences from other photographers such as Diane Arbus, Berenice Abbott and August Sander become clear and enrich Farb‘s perspective. The film project combines conventional documentary genres - from roadmovie through portrait right up to political thriller (given the war that Putin‘s Russia begins shortly after the second photoshoot). We did not know yet - but we filmed the people of a country that was willing to start a bloody war.“ (Nathaniel Knop)


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