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Ben Davis

*MUSIC:* Per Martinsen *_German Premiere_* For a few years now, the Norwegian scene has been an established currency for lovers of electronic music, especially for those whose heart is beating for discoid rhythms and melodies. How is it possible that a country with so many trees and, proportionally speaking, few people can produce such a spacey sound? *_NORTHERN DISCO LIGHTS_* sheds light on this arctic puzzles and appropriately, the visually stunning, documentary music journey begins in Tromsø, a small town in the far north of Norway. During the nineties, culturally still quasi-cut off from the world and, for good measures, sunk in darkness and snow for half of the year, a magical music scene emerges. *_NORTHERN DISCO LIGHTS_* is an empathic portrait of young Norwegians who want to escape the boredom of the small town and unite in their soniclove and thirst for life. Necessity is the mother of invention and thus they cobble together synthesizers, antennas, organise parties, pounce on new radio frequencies to start their own show, until 20 years later, a small but sophisticated artistic scene is fired up all over Norway. They change dance music and Norway forever. With contributions by *BRYAN FERRY, BJØRN TORSKE, PRINS THOMAS, DJ STRANGEFUIT, RUNE LINDBÆK, TODD TERJE, MENTAL OVERDRIVE, IDJUT BOYS, LINDSTRØM, BILL BREWSTER* and many more.

31 March 2017

21:30 h,

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Direction Ben Davis
Year UK 2016
Duration 74 min
Language engl. OV
Production Ben Davis, Pete Jenkinson, Pip Piper, Terje Rafaelsen
Camera Terje Rafaelsen
Editing Otto Burnham

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