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Number of Silence

Csongor Dobrotka

*_FOLLOWING TALK IN PRESENCE OF DIRECTOR CSONGOR DOBROTKA_* *4 EPISODES: ARRIVAL, BEYOND, FUGITIVE, CROSSROADS* Three people caught between delusion and reality: a private investigator, a software developer and a former psychologist whose lives are mysteriously connected. Driven by the desperate search for truth, Nina Novak, Jan Berg, and Viktor Glass float through space and time, each in their alternative present. Their memories are blurring and changing, and thus their lives in the yesterday and today. What is the role of the major corporation Dorn Vision, a group for which Nina and Jan work? What does Nina’s and Viktor’s connection to the psychiatric hospital "Rauschen im Walde" mean? And who is patient 97? The mixture of *ALFRED HITCHCOCK* and *DAVID LYNCH*, Mystery and Sci-Fi, Gießen, Wetzlar and ficticious metropole catches on: With *19 AWARDS and more than 70 NOMINATIONS WORLDWIDE*, the ambitious *WEB SERIES* *_NUMBER OF SILENCE_* has made the leap from a local project from middle Hesse to the top 3 of the world's best web series. On 11.12.13 [11. December 2013] at 2:15 pm the first episode went online. Recently the first season consisting of six episodes was completed. Up to when the secret behind the story is aired and the mystery surrounding the three protagonists finally settles, two more seasons are scheduled.

*AWARDS (SELECTION):* * Bilbao Webfest 2015, "Best Action/Thriller" * Vancouver Web Fest 2016, "Best Cinematography" * DC Webfest 2016, "Gold Award Winner" * Webfest Montréal 2016, "Best Action/Thriller" * L.A. Webfest 2016, “Outstanding Drama Series”, “Outstanding * Lead Actress”, “Outstanding Director”

31 March 2017

17:30 h,

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Direction Csongor Dobrotka
Year D 2013-2017
Duration 55 min
Production Csongor Dobrotka, Beate Bambauer, Jan-Thomas Krankl, Sandra Tauro
Cast Magdalena Kaim, Gunnar Seidel, Peter Gerst, Dirk Winter, Petra Soltau, Harald Pfeiffer et al.
Camera Jens Bambauer
Script Csongor Dobrotka, Beate Bambauer, Jens Bambauer
Editing Beate Bambauer

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