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Penny Lane

*International competition* The story is bizarre. The documentary is about DR. JOHN ROMULUS BRINKLEY. He is a doctor/miracle healer/quack and helps impotent men to renewed virility and fertility through the implantation of goat’s testicles. It's a true story. At least a large number of patients testify to the effectiveness of the treatments. Brinkley's lengthy biography, which runs like a thread through the film, reveals further facts of his meteoric rise from being a poor boy to the successful medical doctor, entrepreneur and media mogul. Through his own radio station KFKB (Kansas Folks Know Best) he spreads his (medical) truths with enormous reach - underlined by catchy Hillbilly music. Along the way, Brinkley invents a new genre of fact-production: the infomercial. In addition to typical documentary material of documents, private photos and expert interviews, the film has been transcribed into an animation in a versatile manner, which exacts its own truthfulness from this obscure story. *_NUTS!_* Won the Jurypreis for *"BEST EDITING"* at the *SUNDANCE FESTIVAL* in 2016.

_“Humorous, entertaining, stranger than fiction,” […] “catnip for audiences of a certain type”_ – The Guardian _“Lane and company created a sort of prankish ode to the classic American Dream of hard work and high ideals leading inevitably to fame, fortune and happiness. That’s what Brinkley was really selling, and he mastered its packaging even if the content turned out to be mostly fraudulent”_ – Dennis Harvey, Variety

30 March 2017

22:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Penny Lane
Year USA 2016
Duration 120 min
Language English with subtitles
Script Thom Stylinski
Editing Penny Lane, Thom Stylinski