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On the other side

On the Other Side (Del Otro Lado)

Iván Guarnizo

During the Columbian civil war, kidnappings by FARC guerrillas are common. Beatrice too is abducted for almost two years. When she dies a few years after her release, her two sons find the diary that describes the time of her captivity. With it, the brothers begin their voyage through the Columbian jungle, at the end of which they meet an ex-guerrilla with whom Beatriz had formed a close friendship during her abduction. The moving family story tells of the wounds of a country that has not found peace until today. It is about forgiveness, guilt, responsibility, and reconciliation. 

For his extremely personal directorial debut, Iván Guarnizo has won several international awards. Among them is the audience award of the Malaga Film Festival and the award for the best film at the Bogotá International Film Festival.

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Direction Iván Guarnizo
Country 41
Year 2021
Duration 96 min
Language Original with English Subtitles (Spanish with English subtitles)
Production Gusano Films
Camera Carlos Villaoslada
Editing Ariadna Ribas, Iván Guarnizo
Sound Alejandro Castillo

Malaga Film Festival - Winner Audience Award

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About the director

Iván Guarnizo studied film and directing in New York, Cuba and Barcelona and has been active for roughly 20 years as an editor and cameraman. His film On the Other Side is his directorial debut and a coming to terms with the history of his own family.

Germany premiere
(In presence of the director)

International Feature Film Program