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Opening and AWARD CEREMONY // LICHTER Art Award

The LICHTER Art Award, now in its 6th edition, was again able to attract artists and filmmakers from all around the globe - from Sapporo to Leipzig - to compete for the 1000 Euro coveted award. The finalists´ works will be exhibited during the 9th LICHTER Filmfest from *March 30th to April 3rd* at the *Naxoshalle*. The winner of the LICHTER Art Award 2016 will be announced at the opening event. The opening starts at 5 p. m. the award ceremony will take place at 6 p. m.

*The Finalists* * *Zanny Begg (AU) // 1001 Nights in Fairfield, 2015* * *Fabiano Mixo (D/BR) // WOMAN WITHOUT MANDOLIN, 2015* * *Yalitsa Riden (CDN) // Shoreline, 2015* * *Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder (D) // Ansichten, 2015* * *James N. Kienitz Wilkins (USA) // B-ROLL with Andre, 2015* "Further information on the LICHTER Art Award":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/en/program/lichter-art-award/art-award-2016.html

The *Art Talk* with the shortlisted artists of the LICHTER Art Award 2016, *James N. Wilkins, Sita Scherer and Tina Schönfelder* as well as the curator *Saul Judd*, takes place *Thursday, March 31st 2016 at 6 pm* at the *Naxoshalle*. "Further information on the Art Talk":http://www.lichter-filmfest.de/en/program/program-overview-2016.html?film_id=705

28 March 2016

17:00 h,

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