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Opening Ceremony + Opening Film Gräns (Border)

Ali Abbasi

Lights on! The big LICHTER opening ceremony in the Mousonturm with our opening film Gräns (Border) and the awarding of the Ehrembembel.

One hour before the start of the 12th LICHTER Filmfest, we welcome you to a convivial get-together at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. At a champagne reception there will be enough time to meet old and new accauintances before we greet you at 8 pm four our opening evening.

We are particularly looking forward to Ayse Asar, State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Sience and Art, and Dr. Ina Hartwig, Cultural Affairs Officer of the City of Frankfurt. After the award ceremony, LICHTER Festival Directors Gregor Maria Schubert and Johanna Süß are giving an insight of the program highlights that our visitors can look forward to!

Opening Film: Gärns (Border)

It´s hard to say what Border is exactly. Mystery, romance, crime? It must be something in between. The film convinces through its fascinating make-up: the authenticity of its appearance rules out the possibility of following the characters on-screen without feeling a certain sense of discomfort from time to time.

Tina has a kind of seventh sense. Her ability to perceive other people´s emotional states through smells makes her work at the customs authority highly effective. When she meets Vore, she feels attached to another person for the first time. The fact that she has found someone who is similar to her and who shares the same fate, seems to comfort her. With Vore she will experience several unusual things und make mysterious discoveries about herself, which will exceed her mental horizon and confuse her world of emotions. 

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Direction Ali Abbasi
Year DK/S 2018
Duration 110 min
Language original language with english subtitles
Cast Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff
Camera Nadim Carlsen

Admittance at 19 o'clock, the opening ceremony starts at 20 o'clock