22.04. ‐ 27.04.2025

Panel Discussion: Repressive Policies and its Influence on Culture and Media


Asja Makarević (mdw-University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Filmakademie Wien), Aliaksei Paluyan (Director („Courage“), Screenwriter

Host: Heleen Gerritsen (GoEast Filmfestival)

The starting point for the event, which had been planned for some time, was as follows: At the latest when the national conservative and right-wing populist governments in Poland and Hungary took office, it was clear that the European community was facing major challenges. These developments have led to a restructuring of the cultural landscape in these countries. It is therefore important to discuss what influence reactionary forces have on the funding and shaping of the creative sector in Europe: What happens when film funding is infiltrated by the state? How can the creative industry stand up to these developments and what is its role in this? To what extent is their work dependent on the state and the political climate?

The war on Ukraine has shifted the perspective. In this panel with a focus on Eastern Europe, the consequences of belligerent politics for film and culture will also be discussed.

In this context, it can be asked what role filmmakers and the film industry play in documenting repression and war crimes. How is their role changing and how does this shape their work? The roundtable will discuss restrictions on cultural and artistic freedom under the conditions of repressive and belligerent politics.

We would like to formulate, if possible, common (European) ideas, hopes and wishes. This culminates in the question, what kind of values and which principles are constitutive in Europe and how they can be protected or restored.

12 May 2022

17:00 h,

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Duration 90 min
Language Englisch

Congress Future German Cinema