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the other cinema

Panel: The Other Cinema: On the Future of a Cultural Venue


Alice Agneskirchner (screenwriter and director), Malte Hagener (professor of media studies, University of Marburg), Daniel Moersener (film scholar, author and director), Heide Schlüpmann (film scholar, author, curator)

Host: Sarah Adam (Kuratorin)

We live in the age of the image, and even more so: the moving image. Film has become a carrier of knowledge and a way of life. But the importance of cinema as an original place of reception for the film experience is dwindling. This has social consequences: The crisis of the cinema is also a crisis of public space. As a place of gathering and discussion, cultural-critical moderation and joint reflection, this is of great importance for a democratic (urban) society. Without social spaces of discourse and collective experiences, it is in danger of losing its foundation. Therefore, a comprehensive reinterpretation of the cultural space of cinema is needed. This panel will discuss how this reinterpretation can look like and succeed.

This panel will also be broadcast online:

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11 May 2021

15:00 h, CineStar Metropolis

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Duration 90 min
Language German

Congress Future German Cinema