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*Location: FESTIVALZENTRUM VAU,* *MAINZER LANDSTR. 23, 60329 FRANKFURT* As part of the *HFMA-CRITIC WORKSHOPS*, whose collaboration and interaction with the LICHTER Filmfest gave rise to the *LICHTER KRITIKERBLOG*, the Australian film scholar and critic *DR ADRIAN MARTIN* will hold a public lecture as an introduction to the topic of film criticism on Tuesday the 25th of March 2014 at the festival centre VAU. *Dr Adrian Martin* is currently holding a DAAD Visiting Professorship at the Institut für Theater, Film- und Medienwissenschaft of the Goethe-Universität. We would like to invite all interested people to join this lecture! _The lecture will be held in English._ *SUMMARY:* Writing about film has taken many forms during the 20th century, and is discovering new forms in the 21st century. Film criticism has for a long time been part of journalism (newspapers, radio, TV) and part of the university (theoretical and historical studies), but it has also existed in a looser space between these options, thanks to many magazines, and today websites, all over the world. I believe in the value of criticism that draws on all the options and possibilities, as well as looking to its latest forms.

25 March 2014

06:00 h,

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Country Germany
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