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People's Park

Libbie D. Cohn, J. P. Sniadecki

_*Supporting Film:*_ *EZB 2011-2012. Eine Super 8 - Untersuchung.* _Director: Sabine Schöbel (D 2014), Super8 digitalisert, 7 min, Music: Alexander Frangenheim_ In the People's Park in Chengdu, Sichuan, one can observe all sorts of people on a long, extended walk. The special feature of the 78-minute documentary is that it was recorded in just one long shot. Libbie D. Cohn and J. P. Sniadecki encounter within this well-used public space in China people and activities of all kinds. One meets for fun, for relaxation and communication. One eats, sings, exercises, paints, dances, watches each other and is observed. The complex social structure is compressed through natural colours and images, noises and sound. In a very direct manner the film takes on moods and rhythms that reflect the everyday life in the city. At the same time, the many amusing encounters create a link to this year’s LICHTER humour program.

25 March 2014

10:00 h,

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Direction Libbie D. Cohn, J. P. Sniadecki
Country USA
Year USA/ CHN 2012
Duration 78 min
Language Mandarin with english subtitel
Production Assistant: Ouyang Xiaodong
Camera Libbie D. Cohn, J. P. Sniadecki
Editing Libbie D. Cohn, J. P. Sniadecki

Regional premiere