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Eran Riklis

It was a medium-sized sensation in the sporting world and beyond, when the Israeli basketball star Ralph Klein, born in Berlin and son of a Holocaust victim, took over the management of the German national team in 1983. Perfect material for Eran Riklis (The Syrian Bride, Lemon Tree), who knows all about historically charged tense situations as a result of his films about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He moves the story to a Frankfurt where the ghosts of the past are still present, but where everything is changing as a result of immigration and political movements. Between the trainer, called Max Stoller in the film (played by the Israeli star Danny Huston), his lover, the Turkish immigrant Deniz (the incomparable Amira Casar), and his angry student Thomas (Max Riemelt) the contemporary tension is turned into a transfixing drama. *Part of the LICHTER Audience Prize 2013*

19 March 2013

20:00 h,

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Direction Eran Riklis
Country 22
Year D/F/ISR 2011
Duration 105 min
Cast Danny Huston, Amira Casar, Max Riemelt, Hanns Zischler
Camera Rainer Klausmann
Script David Akerman, Gidon Maron, Eran Riklis

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