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Quadruple Feature

Heiko Arendt, Michael Stadnik, Dennis Baumann, Sinje Köhler

Zum Beispiel Frankfurt am Main

Director: Heiko Arendt

(Documentary, D 2017, Duration: 22:30 Min.)

The hail of bombs over Frankfurt in the Second World War was the cruel everyday life for Lotte-Lu as a young woman. Archive footage and interviews paint a harrowing and moving picture of her memories.

Thomas Adam – Frankfurt von unten 

Director: Michael Stadnik 

(Documentary, D 2017, Duration: 21 Min.) 

When someone suggests to the homeless Thomas to be a city guide, who shows another side of Frankfurt to travellers and other curious people, an opportunity arises for him to find his way back into a steady life.

Drive In 

Director: Dennis Baumann

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 20:19 Min.) 

A drive-in visitor in front of the screen becomes the puppet of a screenwriter. Now it is on him to keep a level head and always be a step ahead of the writer.


Director: Sinje Köhler

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 29 Min.) 

The outdoor pool. Hobby-sociologists’ favourite place for fieldwork. Meeting place for hormone-run teenagers. Horror scenario for older ladies and every wannabe-lifeguard’s pipe dream.

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Direction Heiko Arendt, Michael Stadnik, Dennis Baumann, Sinje Köhler
Year D 2017
Language German OV
Production Diverse
Cast Diverse
Camera Diverse
Script Diverse
Editing Diverse
Sound Diverse
Music Diverse