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Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet

uana Gonzales from Santa Rosa in Paraguay sometimes dreams of the former rainforest which used to be there. Now only genetically modified soybeans grow here – as far as the eye can see. Ever since Brazil’s agricultural entrepreneurs have cultivated the land, villagers have struggled to make ends meet. Their model as small scale farmers is not sustainable anymore. But the “Campesinos“ rise to fight for their existence.“Raising Resistance“ illustrates the social and environmental consequences of a globalized industrial agriculture using calming and poetic images. All stakeholders in the escalating local conflict get the opportunity to make themselves heard: small and large farmers, investors, speculators, bioengineers and even the president.

30 March 2012

20:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Bettina Borgfeld, David Bernet
Year D/CH 2011
Duration 85 min
Language Spanish original with German subtitles
Production Marcus Winterbauer, Börres Weiffenbach
Camera Marcus Winterbauer, Börres Weiffenbach

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