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Regional Short Films 2018 // I

Sabine Loew, Matthias Ahrens, Nils Hillebrand, u.a.


Director: Sabine Loew

(Grotesque, D 2017, Duration: 03 Min.)

Today’s guests: Women, who own some very special habits.

Leipziger Straße 

Director: Matthias Amberger

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 04 Min.) 

Two people meet each other at Ubahn station. A young lady does unnecessary work for a young cleaner... but after an exciting scavenger hunt there is a sweet reward (for both).


Director: Nils Hillebrand

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 13:35 Min.)

Richard is about to split up with his girlfriend, who confesses a fling to him. He rushes into a diversion and meets a future bride of all people...



Director: Volker Heymann

(Experimental Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 03 Min.) 

What does an actor dream of at night? Just naked women – always? Volker Heymann has some better ideas and he has to try them out right away.

Vom Schweben 

Director: Michael Schwarz

(Mash Up, D 2016, Duration: 03 Min.)

Holy God, let us be the first to have the last word:"...free from vertigo... !!!"- Found footage for such or closed eyelids.


Director: Peter Meister

(Feature Film, D 2017, Dauer: 14:59 Min.)

A rubber dinghy, three men, the sea and two vital questions: Who should be eaten first and how is the involuntary food donor fairly determined?

Call of Cuteness 

Director: Brenda Lien

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 04 Min.)

Epic cat fail:It is said that cats were domesticated in Egypt long before YouTube was invented. What came after that is so cute - isn't it?

Düstere Zeiten (Dire Straits)

Director: Kuesti Fraun

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 04 Min.)

Everything is wood-panelled and it's really dark times. Not even the suicide thing. It's a good thing there are priests.

point blank 

Director: Daniel Hartlaub

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 04:30 Min.)

An image in the making, animation between light and dark. Will it be a story or is it just a rumor?

Hinter Glas

Director: Eugen Merher

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 07:23 Min.)

"Till death do us part" becomes an empty phrase at Hinter Glas. Because in the future, death is not the end. But is life still worth living after that?


Director: Constantin Müller

(Feature Film, D 2017, Duration: 02 Min.) 

Sunday night, a living room, two people, two TVs, everything as usual. Suddenly: an extraordinary event. But can this still change anything?


Director: Alma W. Bär

(Animation Film, D 2017, Duration: 01 Min.)

Once upon a time there were two mermaids sitting on a rock. One spoke of a poem, the other did not understand it. Sometimes it's probably best not to say anything at all. Splash.

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Direction Sabine Loew, Matthias Ahrens, Nils Hillebrand, u.a.
Year D 2016/2017
Language German OV
Production Various
Cast Various
Camera Various
Script Various
Editing Various
Sound Various
Music Various

Presented by:

Regional Short Film Program