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*_IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTORS_* h2. ÜBER DRUCK *DOCUMENTARY, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 12:52 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: SEBASTIAN BINDER & FRED SCHIRMER* What actually is pressure? Who experiences which kind of pressure? Who suffers under which pressure? Do fish suffer in an aquarium less under pressure than top managers under overpressure? And does pressure have to be drained immediately? h2. 2000 EURO MIESE *_WORLD PREMIERE_* *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 4:00 MINS.* *DIRECTORS: FRITZ LEON MORITZ EGGENWIRTH & AMADEUS WERNER* 2,000 EUR in the red is not the best condition for a short film, that is, an ultra-low budget. Only creativity and fun do help! h2. LËXA *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 20:00 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: IPPOLIT VIKHOREV* Eat this: We see what they feel, we feel what they think and we hear why. Poetically, Lëxa interweaves the story of an almost forgotten childhood friendship with the construction of memories between science, perception and truth. h2. FRANKFURTERSTRASSE 99A *ANIMATION, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 5:06 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: EVGENIA GOSTRER* Even the title attests to a proper Rhine-Main production, yet it is not about the milieu when Evgenia Gostrer explains the world as a watercolor with cat. h2. SHIPS PASSING IN THE NIGHT *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *ANIMATION, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 12:05 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: ELISABETH ZWIMPFER* Pastel colored pictures tell the story of Pombalo, who fled from Somalia in search of his fish, his cap and a better future. h2. DURCH DEINE AUGEN *DOCUMENTARY, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 14:52 MINS.* *DIRECTORS: FLORIAN STRATENWERTH & MAX RAINER* Iran. A country, that may be closed forever to Nilofar because of her rebellious parents. So her friend sets off instead. Various visual styles blend into an emotional account. h2. DER FLUG DER MAUBE *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *ANIMATION, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 2:34 MINS.* *DIRECTORS: FLORIAN MAUBACH & DANIEL VON BOTHMER* A small Humboldt anecdote, a facile arrival. When is spring coming? Alas! Fly, little maube!

30 March 2017

22:00 h,

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Direction various
Year D 2016
Duration 70 min
Language various languages
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
Editing various