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*_IN THE PRESENCE OF THE DIRECTORS_* h2. EISEN *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *DOCUMENTARY, D 2015* *RUNNING TIME: 18:19 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: BENJAMIN KAHLMEYER* Eisenhüttenstadt. A desolate area for refugees. Cooped up in a confined space, their accommodation resembles a prison. An everyday portrait of the people. At times sad, sometimes hopeful. h2. HUMAN REPOPULATION FAILED – WE LEFT SOME FLAGS *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 4:13 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: MARIE PRANGENBERG* A remote planet is being re-populated. By two vegans. Unfortunately, in terms of provisions there was only room for a few eggs. After all, a selection of Imperial flags had to be taken along. Damn. h2. INFIZIERT *FEATURE FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 8:31 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: PETR EREMIN* When Cain and Abel played Resident-Evil in the Rhine-Main region, then under this title: "Infiziert" [infected]. h2. HIER UND DA *_WORLD PREMIERE_* *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 7:38 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: GUNTER DELLER* Associative alternative worlds, gunfire imagery, heavy sound, eclectic storytelling - Gunter with gag. h2. ALIENS PROJECT *_WORLD PREMIERE_* *DOCUMENTARY, D 2015* *RUNNING TIME: 17:30 MINS.* '*DIRECTOR: NILS HILLEBRAND* Bernd-Michael "Bernie" Land is an "electronic instrumentalist." No computers, only hardware. As the "Aliens Project," he experiments in a self-made studio full of buttons, knobs, and flashing lights with sounds and noises. h2. WIESBADEN *EXPERIMENTAL FILM, D 2016* *RUNNING TIME: 0:22 MINS.* *DIRECTORS: NADINE TANNREUTHER & YASAR HONNETH* Wiesbaden is a film about Wiesbaden, made by a Wiesbadener, who films a Wiesbadener interpreting Wiesbaden and this read takes almost longer than the film itself, so you better watch now! h2. PLANEMAH *_RHINE-MAIN PREMIERE_* *ANIMATION, D 2015* *RUNNING TIME: 6:23 MINS.* *DIRECTOR: JAKOB SCHMIDT* Where do we come from? Even a king can rack his brains and catapult the viewer into a psychedelic spiral of self-doubt and primordial soup.

1 April 2017

22:00 h,

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Direction various
Year D 2015/2016
Duration ca. 63 min
Language various languages
Production various
Cast various
Camera various
Script various
Editing various

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