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Regional Shorts II


*_In the Distance_* _(Director: *Florian Grolig* // D 2015 // Dauer: 7:30 Min.)_ A single person lives high up, far away from everything, while the world around rapidly sinks into war. This melancholic, beautifully animated film oscillates between apocalypse and hope. *Nominated for the European Movie Award 2016*

*_Lea Porcelain - Loose Life_* _(Director: *Markus Büttner* // D 2015 // Dauer: 4:42 Min.)_ It looks like the coloured postwar Berlin, it tastes as if Joy Division and The Killers had agreed on frenetic Electro, it originates in Frankfurt, and it smells like a party … Ta-da … Loose Life!

*_Der Langstreckenläufer [The long-distance runner]_* _(Director: *Zuniel Kim* // D 2015 // Dauer: 18 Min.)_ An exceptional athlete runs. In his life time he has left thousands upon thousands of kilometers behind. Even though he wanted to go to Canada, he jogs in northern Hessia. But it wasn’t the sport either which lead him there…

*_Richard & Gilbert_* _(Director: *David Sarno* // D 2014 // Dauer: 20:15 Min.)_ Images, as if painted by Caravaggio, underlay this gloomy-bloody, homoerotic detective story in the manner of Edgar Allan Poe. Winner of the Hessischer Hochschulfilmpreis 2014.

*_C+M+B=X_* _(Director: *Gunter Deller* // D 2014 // Dauer: 4:09 Min.)_ What on earth are the Three Wise Men doing in the city-center of Frankfurt on a beautiful summer’s day? Are they looking for baby Jesus in the heart of consumerism?

  *_Freedom & Independence_* _(Director:*Bjørn Melhus* // D 2015 // Dauer: 15:01 Min.)_ Bjørn Melhus enacts and directs the two superheroes “Freedom” and “Independence.” Using quotes from Hollywood productions he reveals the capitalistic heroic legend’s true colors as propaganda.

*_CINEVITA_* _(Director: *Harald Schleicher* // D 2014 // Dauer: 12:00 Min.)_ A life in and through film. In a humorous and honest mashup of classic movies, Harald Schleicher shows a man’s journey through life from birth to death.

*_Thorsten B_* _(Directors: *Sebastian Linke*, *Ronja Adl-Tabatabai*, *Tobias Schwarz* // D 2014 // Dauer: 3:19 Min.)_ At age 17 he had a super fit body. Now, he is working in administration. Thorsten B is an asshole who is probably using the men’s loo standing up. And yet, it is all about the shadow side of the good things.

*_Orna_* _(Director: *Vanessa Davitkov* // UK 2015 // Dauer: 15:42 Min.)_ Orna is in her mid-fities when her husband leaves her for an older woman during the Pesach meal. It’s time for an evaluation of the situation and for the struggle to get an experience of personal liberation out of the messed up evening.

*_Der Baumzeichner [The tree illustrator]_* _(Beyond the competition)_ _(Director: *Eva Becker* // D 2015 // Dauer: 2:14 Min.)_ A highly informative film of a company which answers glaring questions: How do you become a tree illustrator? How does the Nikolaus Haus [a German drawing game] work? And: who takes care of the important matters of the boss? *In the presence of director Eva Becker*

2 April 2016

22:00 h,

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