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Regional shorts


*Sorrow* _(Directed by Mikhail Svyatskiy, GER 2013, duration: 04:43 min)_

Sorrow can be synonymous with passion, grieve or pain. Emotions that are familiar to all of us, even to animated super heroes. Nevertheless they do what heroes are expected to do: They fight for the good even though their fight seems hopeless.

*Caucasian Mood* _(Directed by Tomas Zebis, GE/ARM 2014, duration: 8 min)_ _World premiere_ Caucasian Mood is all about vibes and atmosphere. Work, idleness, music, tristesse. Let yourself be carried away.

*What I can never Express* 
 _(Directed by Walter Stöhr, GER 2014, duration: 05:45 min)_ Some things cannot be expressed but they cannot be hidden either – at least not by outward appearance. Sometimes the devil is in the detail.

 _(Directed by Sebastian Linke, Ronja Adl-Tabatabai, Tobias Schwarz, GER 2014, duration: 03:00 min)_ Coke-red is not a colour, it’s a matter of taste.

*Gezeitentümpel* _
(Directed by Pablo Zinser, GER 2014, duration: 03:00 min)_ Tidal pools are natural habitats situated on the seas shore in which adaptation is the only key to survival. This filmic tidal pool provides a home to a very rare species: Black-white-red coloured characters tottering up and down the screen.

*Die Brunnenfrau (Wishing Well)*
 _(Directed by Julia Finkernagel, GER 2014, duration: 16:20 min)_ Karla is young, energetic and wishes to dedicate her life to a meaningful task. As she arrives in Afghanistan to work in a water project, her expectations crash with reality.

*Warum ist der Tisch schräg!* _(Directed by Stefan Vogt, GER 2014, duration: 01:33 min)_ There he is again: The nerdy scientist, clumsy in everyday tasks, but always eager to annoy people with his explanations. Today’s question: Why is the table crooked? Note: This short film enters the competition together with Warum mag jeder Geld?

*Fragile Fossile* _
(Directed by Gunter Deller, GER 2014, duration: 08:00 min)_ Equipped with a 16mm camera, Gunter Deller documents the construction of the new building of the European central bank. The moving images create a hypnotic experience.

*Drei Experten drehen auf* _
(Directed by Volker Heymann, GER 2013, duration: 03:52 min)_ Three know-it-alls go nuts and entertain us with a four minutes long battle of wise opinions.

*Now I can see you* _
(Directed by Yaschar Scheyda , IR/GER 2014, duration: 07:16 min)_ Shortly after his birth, Yaschar Scheydas’ parents flee Iran. “Since my father is a political refugee, he is unable to visit his home country, his family or the grave of his parents. This film is dedicated to him.”

*Ein bisschen Normalität* _(Directed by Thomas Toth/Michael Schaff, GER 2014, duration: 15:30 min)_ _
World premiere_ “Is this real or just brilliant acting?” is what you will ask yourself watching the opening seconds of this film. You will find out soon enough.

*They have retired* _
(Directed by Axel Rössler, GER/USA 2014, duration: 02:38 min)_ Imagine your road to retirement. Is it just a matter of patience to get there? Who knows! But we do know one thing: The road might be bumpy, there might be crashes, but one day we will all retire.

*Warum mag jeder Geld!* _(Directed by Stefan Vogt, GER 2014, duration: 01:33 min)_ The series Warum discusses essential questions of life in a science-based matter. Of course, this year’s LICHTER theme, money, is one of them. So tell me: Why does everyone love money? _Note: This short film enters the competition together with Warum ist der Tisch schräg!_

20 March 2015

22:00 h,

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