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Road Movie Ukraine

Olga Petrova, Lutz Jahnke

Thinking of the Ukraine, one almost immediately recalls the images of the Majdan. The beginning of the protest movement at the end of 2013 that revolts against serious government decisions once again made without the consent of the people. What followed were civil war and destruction that left the country torn apart. In the news, pictures of Poroschenko, Kerry and Lawrow took turns with those of armed soldiers. But how does a civil population live in such a country? Is cultural life even (still) possible? And how does it look? Realized with the support of the *Hessian film subsidy*, the documentary *_Road Movie Ukraine_* looks behind the gray haze of the images of war. The filmmakers *Olga Petrova*, native Ukrainian, and *Lutz Jahnke* traveled across the country on their search for answers in 2014 – without script and despite all warnings of the dangerous situation there. Over the course of only 17 days, the two graduates from *HfG Offenbach* created a portrait of different people who are above all connected by their love for their home country: The skillful montage of images and music develops its very own language. A homage to a politically active population on the search for art, music and poetry. *Sound Design:* Frank Pieper *In the presence of the directors Olga Petrova and Lutz Jahnke*

30 March 2016

18:00 h, Kino des DFF

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Direction Olga Petrova, Lutz Jahnke
Year D 2015
Duration 65 min
Language OV with subtitles
Production Olga Petrova
Camera Olga Petrova, Lutz Jahnke
Script Olga Petrova, Lutz Jahnke
Editing Astrid Rieger

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Germany premiere