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Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger

“Are you alone?” addressed by a TV commercial, the lonely DOG buys himself a Robot, a friend made of metal. What initially seems like an unbreakable friendship, gets rapidly put to the test as these two friends get separated after a day spent together at the beach.

While DOG is entangled with the hopeless rescue attempts, ROBOT sinks into his fear of being left behind. Confronted by the loneliness yet again, their loyalty to each other initially dominates. Over time, the longing for affection and a new friendship seems to win out.

Lovingly animated, the movie provokes empathy and captivates its audience through the reinterpretation of Earth, Wind & Fire's “September.” Robot Dreams celebrates its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and was awarded at the Festival d’Animation Annecy 2023 as best film in the category “Contrechamp.” In 2024 the film got an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature.

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Direction Pablo Berger
Country Spain, France
Year 2023
Duration 96 min
Production Pablo Berger, Ibon Cormenzana, Ángel Durández, Ignasi Estapé, Jérôme Vidal
Co-production Sylvie Pialat, Benoît Quainon
Cast Ivan Labanda, Tito Trifol, Rafa Calvo, José García Tos, José Luis Mediavilla, Graciela Molina, Esther Solans
Script Pablo Berger, Sara Varon
Editing Fernando Franco
Sound Fabiola Ordoyo, Laia Picón, Adrien Ferran, Vince Van Driesten
Music Alfonso de Vilallonga
Sound Design Fabiola Ordoyo

Oscar Nomination 2024: Best Animated Feature, Cannes Film Festival 2023

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About the director

The Spanish director Pablo Berger presented his first short film titled Mamá in 1988. After his film Studies in New York University and his occupation as a video producer, Berger wrote the screenplay for the film Torremolinos 73, which he also directed. His black-and-white film Blancanieves was the most successful film at the Goya Awards 2013. Robot Dreams is his debut in animation.

Press reviews

„With its soulful tin heart, Robot Dreams’ moves us to appreciate the fortune of having a precious pal. Whether for a season or a lifetime. “(Indiewire)

„...a delightfully bittersweet animated wonder that embodies the medium’s most purely cinematic qualities. Now the fierce battle for the title of the best animated film of the year has a new strong contender.” (IndieWire)

„Berger’s film delights in the kind of eccentric, incidental sights and sounds from which dreams — human, animal or android — can spring. “(Variety)

The director about the film

„On the surface, [...] you think it’s about friendship. [...] But in reality, it talks about more than friendship. I think maybe a kid will see it as a friendship theme, but for adults, I assure you, most will see it as a love story. [...] For me, it’s open. I like the idea that the film is completed by the spectator, the audience.” Pablo Berger, TIFF 2023 Interview

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