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Which measures can directly aid to correct the imbalances in the system of the German cinema, from training of filmmakers to the financing and funding of films up to their visualization, in cinemas or new distribution channels?

Parallel to the public debates, experts of all parts of the industry work together at roundtables on recommendations for action.

Funding and Financing

Much is unclear with the film funding in Germany: whether it sees itself as partner of art or a supporter of the economy, after which criteria it spends money or which role it gives to television. The first roundtable discussion means to find approaches how clearer and more transparent decisions on film funding can be made that enable creative working – and how, next to public funds, private funds can be found for the cinema as well.

Training and Youth

The country is not lacking talent. But far too often promising careers become stuck after one or two feature films. In light of the unsure career perspectives even the training at film academies is often unsure about whether to focus on film art or concentrate on immediate marketability. The roundtable wants to offer up ways how training can be changed and career paths can be stabilized – and how diversity and equality of the sexes can be tightly anchored there.

Distribution and Cinema Culture

Films get made to be seen. That does not happen by itself. In light of the growing number of films, but also the competition by other forms of moving pictures, new recipes need to be cooked up to make cinema-films visible. The roundtable debates these recipes, how young people can be led to the medium film in history and present, how cinema can remain be remade as a public space and which place federal funding can take here.

30 November 2017

00:00 h,

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Year 2018

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